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The Company
AREA 24 S.p.A. is a public majority joint enterprise with an institutional role, that, ensures the implementation of the interventions planned by the region Liguria, managing the coordination of public and private interventions relating to the reuse of  the former railway path that runs through the towns of San Lorenzo al Mare, Costarainera, Cipressa, Santo Stefano al mare, Riva Ligure, Arma Taggia, Sanremo and Ospedaletti.


The re-use of the Ligurian Riviera’s railway path (abandoned in September 2001) had been promoted at the beginning of 1999 by the Coastal Spatial Plan , contemporarily with the moving upstream of the railway line from Ospedaletti to San Lorenzo al Mare.

In 2002 Area24 was created as a special purpose company for the purchase of the areas of the former railway.

In December 2003, the ownership of the disused railway was ceased by Ferrovie Real Estate spa to Liguria Region and thereafter in January 2004 to Area24 and to the Municipality of Sanremo concerning that part of properties located on its municipal area.


The use of the former railway areas is an important strategic opportunity for the urban and environmental regeneration of the Ligurian Riviera. Among the initiatives the more important project is the creation of a cycling path.

Currently the company has completed the work of construction of  the pedestrian - cycling path in the stretch between San Lorenzo al Mare and Ospedaletti, in addition to the construction of underground parking in the towns of  Santo Stefano al mare and Ospedaletti.

The other project proposals, both public and private, are intended to achieve:

  • Creation of sports facilities and public green
  • Improvement of the seashore’s accesses
  • Works to improve the safety of the whole area by an hydraulic and hydro geological point of view
  • Works to defend and increment the coastal area useful for bathing
  • Creation of structures for the hospitality and tourism
  • Creation of commercial spaces
  • Improvement of roads and local transport


The creation of a linear park that runs through the Ligurian Riviera, where it’s possible to find places of incomparable beauty, rediscovered thanks to the development of the areas on which ran the railway line between San Lorenzo al Mare and Ospedaletti.

The upgrading of existing infrastructure and the creation of hostels, refreshment points  and sports facilities along the cycling path, to offer a wide choice of services and leisure opportunities that can benefit both residents and tourists.

The completion of a project on urban transformation that concerns the whole path aimed to enhance the urban areas, making them more accessible, through the construction of parking lots, commercial spaces and green areas.

The final outcome of the activities covered by this project is the creation of a tourist route that uses the resources of the territory, respecting its valuable environmental characteristics and enhancing the features of a landscape of great value.



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