The Cycling Path into the Riviera dei Fiori Coastal Park

The pedestrian - cycling path of the Riviera dei Fiori’s  Coastal Park runs on 24 km of the old railway line that served the Ligurian Riviera since 1872 to 2001.
This railway line, portrayed in many books and movies thanks to the beauty of the places it crosses, is a true piece of history, that witnessed the development and changes of the Riviera dei Fiori.

In fact, until the early ‘900, it was a luxury line, whose passenger were Italian, British, German and Russian members of the high society who came to spend the holidays in Riviera.
Then, during the Second World War,  the line became military and later in the years of the “Economic  Boom"  this railroad lead to the sea thousands of Italian tourists, in the early beginnings of mass tourism in a country in rapid growth.

Finally, in the last years of life of the railroad, the tourist usage was reached and maybe overtaken by the commuting of employees and students.

Since 2004, the company Area24 brought to life this lovely path, which attracted artists and intellectuals from all over Europe, enhancing the full potential and giving back to the community a space on a human scale in the heart of the Riviera designed and built to provide comfort, well-being and fun.

Indeed, it is reductive to define the Riviera dei Fiori  Coastal Park, a simple cycling path......


The Riviera dei Fiori Coastal Park is:



The park is designed so that in addition to cycling you can safely do other sports activities such as jogging, Running, skating, etc..
In the village of Santo Stefano al Mare and Bussana, there are also equipped spaces for team sports, furthermore along the entire route you can rent bikes and equipment for sports and entertainment.



Due to the location of the path, which runs through the Riviera, the Park provides an ideal opportunity to visit the monuments and typical towns of the Riviera dei Fiori.



The Park is not only dedicated to those who want to do sports, with dozens of staging points, green areas, and five dining options, the cycling path is a good opportunity to relax for those who want to take a walk, read a book or just enjoy the landscape and climate of the Riviera.



The park covers not only urban areas, but there are long stretches along the coast  surrounded by the sea and by vegetation, which, thanks to the climate, is one of the most varied in Europe.


For All Ages

The Coastal Park Riviera dei Fiori is designed and constructed so as to be friendly and fun for people of all ages.
In addition to those who want to do sports, the park is ideal for mothers with children and elderly people.
The numerous gateways allow easy access to persons with disabilities.



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